Email Briefings

Learn basic syntax and styling options with Attensa briefing data.

Building Custom Email Templates

Understand how to create email templates with Attensa briefing data.



Attensa briefings are created by combining stream content with a template that formats the email message to subscribers. Templates are customizable. Both the appearance and the information types of included in the briefing can be defined in the template. Templates generally contain a mixture of static content and dynamically generated content based on the variables and parameters used in the template itself. Template creators have the flexibility to choose what is included in the briefing based on the variables and parameters they include in the template. This provides complete flexibility and makes it simple to create compelling formats for any use. The variables and parameters are described below along with examples of how they are used. You will also find an example template with annotations explaining the elements. You can find more examples in Attensa.


  • Administrator access level or above.
  • Understanding of HTML and/or CSS.

Start with understanding our briefing data can be composed through out the briefing.


  1. Logo Branding – The top is a good location to brand the briefing with your company logo.
  2. New items and their sources – Similar to a table of contents, introduce the briefing with a list of sources with new items.
  3. Content – Start reading your content. Link to attensa or go directly to the source.
  4. Footer – Give users support information so they know what to do if they have questions and feedback.

If you know at least HTML and CSS, view our templates at our github repository
Attensa Templates →


Briefing Template

At our github repository you will see 4 different templates. All serve different functions but vary in code by only a few variable changes.

Standard Template

The Full Standard Template and the Personal Digest Template are essential the same template. The Full template will display all the content available under each item. The Personal Digest Template will display only text and only the first 200 characters.

Original Source Template

This template exist because it was requested by many of or users. The Original source template has the same format as the Personal Digest Template, however it links out to the original source address of the item as oppose to linking back into Attensa.

Briefing is Ready Template

This template can be used directly as the title implies. This template does not include any topic content, it is designed to notify people that a topic is ready for viewing and previews what is new to the topic. It is a good way to notify people their curated content is ready for them.

Refresh yourself more on how to use Attensa topics.