What does Attensa do?

Believe it or not, we do receive these quite often. Because Attensa is versatile in each circumstance it really depends who is asking and what they are looking to accomplish. Our latest infographic on Topic Intelligence illustrates generally how Attensa helps organizations work smarter and more effectively, by replacing information hunting and gathering, with Attensa smart topic briefings. If you have a detailed question, we don’t mind the discussion. Contact us here.

Invite people

It is easy to invite someone. Either invite someone directly from a topic or for admins, from the People tab. Manage roles, privileges and provide help to users in need of access like reseting passwords and creating their account.

Add, edit, remove content sources.

Our Attensa RSS feed is an example of a source. A source is a single stream of content. It can be used as is or assigned to a topic.

As an admin, get full control over sources in the Content Admin section in the top navigation. Otherwise, users with permission can add sources directly to a topic in the topic’s Admin Panel and or you can add sources inlineĀ during topic creation. Learn more onĀ adding sources in to a topic here.


Topic Creation

In order for you to create a topic you must have sufficient privileges managed by your admin. Generally all you need to create a topic is a topic in mind or single sources to start with. The process is simple: find or build your content sources, name your topic, and then add filters if necessary. View our overview here on topic creation.

Topics you own

There are currently two places to find topics you own. In the My topics section, on the left side navigation you will see “Topics I Manage” and if you are an administrator you will find “Topics I Own” in the Discover section next to the available catalog tabs.