Get Started with Attensa

Walkthrough our comprehensive yet brief guide on what to do when first using Attensa.

Welcome to Attensa:

This simple guide is designed to get you started using Attensa quickly. The guide provides the essentials in order to get you, your team, and your entire organization up and running.

As a reference, we suggest you get to know Attensa by working through these steps below. You might have already done some of these:


Start your trial and login – Request a trial or ask schedule a demo.


Browse and discover example content in our Attensa Marketplace.


Create your own topic. Get all your information in one place.

Send out a briefing updates. With your new topic, enable schedule briefings to send.

Set up your own personal digest.


Now that you know what is ahead continue on to the guide. We’re here to help, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the guide, let us know at or submit a question at our support site.